Security-Surveillance-Safety (S3)


In this rapidly changing age of high-speed transportation, dense populations, insider threat concerns and ever-increasing threats to life and continual operations, S3 principles are becoming paramount in business operations.

Our Security-Surveillance-Safety (S3) Solutions Stream is primarily focused on the Safety of your Business and its Assets, through the Security and the Surveillance of your operations.

  1. Security
    • Our S3 Solutions Specialists will assess and ascertain what your Security requirements are, by Consultation regarding your objectives and Risk Assessment to your region and industry; taking into consideration key aspects such as Physical, Psychological, Electronic and Cyber Security principles.
  2. Surveillance
    • After the determining your requirements and objectives, our S3 Solutions Specialists will determine the best means to Monitor the Security of your operations, both Physically, Electronically and Logically.  At AEDIS, we believe that Surveillance principles can be applied to every aspect of your business, with a full suite of Metrics designed to benchmark and monitor the performance of your operations.
  3. Safety
    • The final process in our S3 Solutions stream and the ultimate goal of the previous processes is to turn your Business into an environment of Safety. A Safe environment, not only for People and Assets but a Safe environment where your Operations can Safely continue to operate, with resilience and redundancy.