Consultation-Consolidation-Control (C3)



Change occurs around us, every moment of our lives. However, the changes that occur around us, are mostly outside of our Control.

What does that mean for business? In business, a lack of change means a lack of progress, as progress implies change. Without the Control of change – without understanding and mitigating the opportunities or threats that may arise from change, change can be detrimental to business.

Our AEDIS C3 Solutions Stream is primarily focused on change — On why your change is needed, the level and depth of change required and your control over it.

  1. Consultation
    • Through Consultation and workshops, our C3 Solutions Specialists will assess and ascertain what your Change objectives are, by determining and coordinating with the Stakeholders impacted by the Change and assessing the positive and negative impacts that the Change may produce or reveal.
  2. Consolidation
    • After the Consultation¬†process, our C3 Solutions Specialists will Consolidate the Consultation findings and package the details and requirements for Change, ready for you to Control the Change Process in house, or for AEDIS to undertake the Control process on your behalf.
  3. Control
    • The final process in our C3 Solutions stream, is to Control and manage the Change, on your behalf.